VegTV’S ‘Best of Show’ Expo East

Natural Products Expos provide a marketplace for manufacturers, distributors and retail buyers of natural, organic and healthy products. Exhibitors from across America and around the world display all manner of food, beverage, supplement, beauty, household and pet products. The sheer number of booths can often test the capacity of even the largest convention centers in the country, demonstrating the amazing growth of the global natural products industry. 

VegTV goes on the road to trade shows around the country spotting trends and looking for the latest and greatest vegan products on the market. Each fall at Expo East, brands showcase new products that will end up on store shelves heading into the new year. We traveled to Baltimore, MD for the 32nd Annual Natural Products Expo East this year and found quite a few really wonderful vegan products to share. Check it out! Pure Wraps: Raw, Vegan and Gluten-Free Tortilla Alternative Low carb, low sugar, 60 calories per wrap made with coconuts Perfectly Free Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts:  Unique bite-sized frozen treats with a creamy core. Allergy-free and Yummy Vegetarian Traveler: Convenient vegan protein add-ins on-the-go that adding delightful crunch. 3 delicious varieties Buried Treasure: Leader in high potency liquid supplements launched Nutripacs,  portable, convenient individual serving packets Emerald Health Bio introduces award-winning non-cannabis supplements that support the endocannabinoid system K’UL award winning superfood chocolate. K’UL: Chocolate that is good for you! Essential Oxygen, The #1 oral care rinse introduces organic, non-abrasive toothpaste and on-demand tooth polish Hug Your Skin introduces Inlight luxury skincare: Unique line of cruelty free, 100 percent organic face and body care Elyptol botanical based hand and hard surface hygiene: Perfect synergy of science and nature Expo East attendees check out Berry Sleepy and Berry Awake  Berry Powerful Superfruit Shots at a tasting booth MD Veggemo… Delicious new award-winning vegan milk: Excellent source of B12, rich in calcium and Vitamin D with 6 grams of protein per serving Delicious Spicy Tuscan Sunshine Burgers launched at Expo East! Sunshine Burgers are vegan, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free  and made with sunflower seeds, Alpha Foods launches at Expo East with 4 delicious burritos rolling out nationally with more vegan and non-GMO products on the way! Host Defense Mushrooms, specifically grown whole mushrooms to balance  immune system perfectly, organic  and non-gmo Maa Veda, Ayurvedic face & body care. Created by an OB/Gyn to be safe, natural & effective, especially for pregnant and nursing mothers Health Garden adds sugar-free Xylitol Honey to its extensive line of premium all natural, low glycemic, non-GMO and gluten-free sweeteners Berry Sleepy and Berry Awake powerful, non-addictive sleep aids and energy shots. Safe, effective and widely available. Eda Zen adds Cruncha Ma Me Puffs to its line of all-natural, non-GMO edamame snacks Marie Oser is a best-selling author, writer/producer and host of VegTV. Her latest book is The Skinny on Soy.  Follow Marie on Facebook and Twitter