Plant Based Products Dominate at Expo East 2018



VegTV was on the floor of the Baltimore Convention Center checking out the latest and greatest plant based products at the 33rd annual Natural Products Expo East again this year.

Plant based products were everywhere as producers respond to consumer demand for a holistic path to wellness, fueling demand for food, beverage and supplement products that promote sleep, hydration and mental clarity.

There were activities for the attendees like yoga and breakfast networking events and lectures. We covered a talk by Dr Raphael Kellman, author of The Microbiome Diet, where he spoke about the importance of prebiotic and probiotic interaction in the gut microbiome.

A short video tease: How your microbiome affects your weight 

The number of vegans in the U.S. increased by 600 percent in three short years recently and cannot be any longer characterized as a passing diet fad. The vegan lifestyle is not just about food and beverages, it encompasses supplements, balms, face and body care, shoes and clothing.  Continue reading “Plant Based Products Dominate at Expo East 2018”

VegTV’S ‘Best of Show’ Expo East

Natural Products Expos provide a marketplace for manufacturers, distributors and retail buyers of natural, organic and healthy products. Exhibitors from across America and around the world display all manner of food, beverage, supplement, beauty, household and pet products. The sheer number of booths can often test the capacity of even the largest convention centers in the country, demonstrating the amazing growth of the global natural products industry. 

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VegTV’s Plant-Based Product All-Stars!

Trade shows are essential for spotting trends in food, beverage, supplement and personal care products and VegTV covers trade shows several times a year.

We scour the exhibitors and their product lines, looking the latest and greatest vegan products about to enter the market!

The 37th annual Natural Products Expo West is the world’s largest natural products event and hosted more than 80,000 setting records yet again!

This show is massive! The entire Anaheim Convention Center is filled wall to wall with exhibits that overflow into Anaheim Hilton and, for the first time this year into the Anaheim Marriott Hotel as well. Continue reading “VegTV’s Plant-Based Product All-Stars!”