Glazed Poppy Seed Bundt ~ No Eggs, No Dairy No kidding!

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous glazed bundt cake? The sheer volume of most bundt cakes make the choice all the more worthwhile. This luscious cake is filed with apple chunks and cranberries, topped with a sweet lemon glaze and calls for Fuji apples. Fuji is a variety that is large, firm and crisp, which makes them perfect for baking.

Poppy Seeds add More than Crunch and Color to Baked Goods

Poppy seeds are a lovely addition to cakes and quickbreads, but they don’t just add color and crunch!  Even the small amount sprinkled on a roll contains some niacin and folate and just one teaspoon of poppy seeds supplies measurable amounts of iron, calcium and zinc.

One teaspoon of poppy seeds contains four percent of the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of calcium and phosphorus, two minerals that work together to build bones.

You may have heard that the poppy seeds we use in the kitchen come from the opium poppy. That is the same plant used to produce morphine from a substance found in the seed pods, however all parts of the poppy plant contain a tiny bit. Every gram of poppy seeds contains about 33 micrograms of morphine and 14 micrograms of codeine. That is minuscule and certainly not enough to cause any effect in baked goods, however it is enough to show up as a false positive result in drug tests.

Baking Without Fat… No Added Fat!

My baked goods are rich tasting and moist without the use of eggs, dairy or added fat.  That’s right… no butter, oil or heaven forbid shortening! I have used Prune Puree to displace 100 percent of the fat in my baking for the last 30 years with fabulous results. It is quick, easy and economical to use and I keep it on hand.  Prune puree is rich in pectins, which support the structure of the baked good and at the same time intensifies the flavor of chocolate, cinnamon and ginger.

Easy Prune Puree Recipe

Simply place 2 cups (12 ounce bag) of pitted prunes in a food processor or blender, with 3/4 cup of water and 4 teaspoons of pure vanilla extract. Blend the mixture until smooth, cover and refrigerate. There will be little bits, but they will melt in baking.  Because prunes are high in sorbitol, which is a natural preservative prune puree will keep for 6 weeks or longer and extend the freshness of baked goods dramatically!

Lemon Glazed Apple Poppy Seed Bundt
16 Servings

3 1/3 cups whole wheat pastry flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
3 Tablespoons poppy seeds
2/3 cup dried cranberries
1 (12.3 oz pkg.) lite silken tofu
1/2 cup prune puree
1 banana, broken into chunks
1 cup soymilk
1 Tablespoon Neat Egg
2 cups Wholesome! Organic Sugar
1 Tablespoon pure vanilla extract
1 medium Fuji apple, peeled, cut to bite size pieces
Nutrition Analysis, per serving: One 4-ounce slice

Calories 238 Protein 5g, Carbohydrate 52g, Fiber 5g, Fat 2g, Cholesterol 0mg, Calcium 88mg, Sodium 55mg

Marie Oser is a best-selling author, writer/producer and host of VegTV. Her latest book is The Skinny on Soy.  Follow Marie on Facebook and Twitter